Lev Tahor A Political Issue

Lev Tahor children in Chatham-Kent. Photo by Ashton Patis.

MP for Chatham-Kent-Essex Dave Van Kesteren says politicians have been in touch with the local police force to discuss ways of dealing with Lev Tahor members who have fled the country.

“We have laws in this country and if laws are broken then the consequences are going to be felt, but at this point nothing has been charged yet, so I’m somewhat concerned about that,” says Van Kesteren. “There’s been allegations, but no charges laid and I know this is a difficult time for that community.”

Members of the ultra-orthodox Jewish sect left the country after a judge ordered 14 children into foster care based on allegations of child brides, abuse, isolation and neglect.

Van Kesteren was recently named Chair of the Southwest Ontario Caucus and says the issue has been brought up within the caucus, but notes those talks are confidential.