Fishing Targets Set

The Lake Erie Committee is recommending less yellow perch and more walleye be caught in 2014.

Last year, 12.237-million lbs. of yellow perch was the harvest target while in 2014, 11.081-million lbs. is being set as the allocation. A slight increase in how many walleye are up for grabs in 2014 with 4.027-million fish set as the target while last year, a catch of 3.356-million fish was deemed safe.

Ontario fisheries will be alloted 5.409-million lbs. of yellow perch and 1.734-million of walleye.

The Lake Erie Committee consisting of senior fishery managers from Michian, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Ontario met in Windsor last week. The recommendations are developed after considering lakewide biological assessments and analysis along with stakeholder consultations.