Bothwell Fraudster Avoids Jail Time

A Bothwell woman will spend 16 months on house arrest for stealing over $300,000 from her employer.

Candace Ashburn, 35, pled guilty to three counts of fraud and was sentenced yesterday. The court heard that Ashburn wrote herself cheques for more than a three-year period to fuel a drug addiction.

A crime of this magnitude generally carries a jail term of 12 months but defence lawyer Dennis Lenzin says the judge took into account that his client is still recovering from a serious car crash. “She has trouble walking, she can’t sit or stand-up for more than 20 minutes at a time without quite significant pain,” says Lenzin. “If she were to be bumped or knocked down, the result in injuries could be very serious for her.”

The judge also ordered Ashburn to serve one year probation after her sentence and repay Terry Marsh the $333,227 she stole from his family business.