Councillor Crew Reveals Mayoral Campaign

Ward 6 Councillor Marjorie Crew announces she is running for mayor of Chatham-Kent. Photo taken March 27, 2014

Ward 6 Councillor Marjorie Crew says Chatham-Kent needs a new kind of leadership as she makes her bid for the mayor’s seat.

“We need to encourage young people to come. I want to see more jobs and I want to see more jobs created from within Chatham-Kent,” says Crew, who has spent the last eight years on council. “I want to invest with our people so they can invest in our economy.”

Meanwhile, Incumbent Mayor Randy Hope says he was not surprised when she filed her papers to run, stating he anticipates other councillors to do so in the coming weeks. “I’ve heard a number of rumblings, but I guess we’ll wait to see. I said in 2006 that I would serve up to 12 years.”

Hope tells he will not be filing his papers until September of 2014. He says he will only campaign for 30 days before the October 27 municipal election.