BIA Takes Concerns To MTO

The Blenheim BIA is scheduling a meeting with the Ministry of Transportation to discuss the impacts a complete closure of the Hwy. 401 and Hwy 40 interchange will have on the community.

The MTO has identified a 10-month-long closure in 2015 as the best way to reconstruct the interchange. Traffic will be re-routed between Kent Bridge Rd. and Bloomfield Rd.

“Devastating is putting it mildly. We go to the MTO and ask them not to close it down for 10 months. If there’s other ideas, then we’re open to listen,” says President of the Blenheim BIA Adam Vandermey. “Our small businesses are supported very significantly from beyond Blenheim, so from Chatham, to shut off a major artery without a plan b for how people can get from Chatham to Blenheim we realize that will have a serious impact on our membership and on our businesses .”

The two groups are set to meet within the first two months of April.