Municipality Mum On OHL

Photo by DNAMichaud via Flickr

Still no further details regarding a potential OHL relocation to Chatham-Kent but there is a lot of chatter.

Chatham-Kent CAO Don Shropshire wishes he had more to say.

“I wish I could tell you more than I could yesterday, but I cant. There’s really nothing else to report,” says Shropshire. “We had a closed council session. We can’t talk about those. If there was something I could bring forward to the community, I’d love to do that, but currently there is nothing else to report.”

Meantime, Paralympian Derek Whitson thinks an OHL team in Chatham-Kent would be a great thing. “There’s a lot of guys in the OHL that are a great influence and it teaches kids that there is something to strive for, you get make the NHL and get out of here and do things.”

Since amalgamation, the municipality has been approached on three separate instances regarding an OHL franchise.