Mayors Strike Jersey Bet

Centre ice at Chatham Memorial Arena. ( file photo)

The Leamington and Chatham-Kent mayors are holding a jersey bet over the playoff series between the Flyers and Maroons.

“I think this is a winning bet for me that’s why it was so great to go at it,” says Randy Hope, mayor for Chatham-Kent, who isn’t worried he’ll have to wear a Leamington Flyers sweater at one of his council meetings. “The bet is strictly a little fun bet that deals with the issue of which club is best and which one will be the proud wearer of the other one’s jersey in their council meeting.

The bet was first proposed on air by Blackburn Radio morning host Chris McLeod with mayor Hope taking the idea to Leamington Mayor John Paterson.

The Flyers and Maroons open up their GOJHL Conference Final on Thursday at 7pm in Leamington at Heinz Arena.