Tougher Contraband Tobacco Bill Debate File Photo

A bill aimed at cracking down on contraband cigarettes is on its way to third and final reading in the House of Commons.

Chatham-Kent-Essex Conservative MP Dave Van Kesteren says it serves to crack down on the flow of tobacco off First Nations reserves, especially to minors.

“We want to lower that rather than make it easier for people to buy cigarettes and for young people to start smoking,” says Van Kesteren. “The way that we do that of course is by raising taxes so that the price of taxes makes it prohibitive and that costs, you could probably talk to a lot of people that said too ‘I quit smoking because it’s so expensive.'”

Bill C-10 will also give the right to all police agencies to crack down on illegal tobacco sales, not just the RCMP, and imposes stiffer fines. Van Kesteren believes the bill will go to third and final reading in June.