Ice Conditions Dangerous On River

Photo by gendaken via Flickr

The Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority has released a watershed conditions safety bulletin warning of poor conditions on the Thames River.

The conservation authority says residents should be cautious and avoid the river, lakes, ditches, streams and ponds due to poor ice conditions. A combination of slippery banks, moving/melting ice, and cold water can be very dangerous. Parents should ensure their children keep away from the water.

The ice cover on the Thames River has begun to break up and the river is clearing out upstream of Thamesville while the ice is moving downstream. An existent ice jam is not causing flooding in Thamesville, however, there is flooding in mostly agricultural areas adjacent to the Thames.

With the cooler temperatures and no significant rainfall expected until next Thursday, the conservation authority says residents can expect less snow-melt and for water levels in the river to begin to decline.