Humane Society Wants Stronger By-Laws

The Windsor-Essex County Humane Society wants to see Leamington adopt new tethering and anti-abandonment by-laws.

According to Humane Society Executive Director Melanie Coulter, provincial laws say pet owners can tie up their dogs outside 24 hours a day, as long as the leash is long enough, and the animal has food, water, shelter and proper medical care. Coulter says that’s not sufficient for a dog or community safety.

“People call the humane society because they see someone’s dog outside 24-hours a day. They don’t think it’s acceptable, and it’s frustrating for us to say, ‘Our hands are tied because the provincial by-law doesn’t include time limits,'” says Coulter.

New tethering by-laws have been introduced in the Town of Essex, and Coulter is now visiting other municipal councils, encouraging them to get on board. Kingsville and Windsor are also contemplating rule changes surrounding the animal rights issue.