Two Tickets In 19 Minutes

Chatham-Kent police cruiser. ( file photo)

A three-day road safety blitz by Chatham-Kent police has wrapped-up with over 170 tickets handed out.

The blitz targeted drivers using cell phones and people not wearing their seat belts. Traffic Unit Constable Mike Pearce says he stopped a woman using her cell phone twice at the same location in under 20 minutes.

“I didn’t realize it was her as she was passing me until I actually stopped the vehicle and noticed the licence plate because I had just written a ticket and recorded that licence plate,” says Pearce. “So when I approached the window you know, I said ‘clearly you haven’t learned from the stop 19 minutes ago’ and returned to my vehicle, wrote her a ticket and handed it to her.”

Over the three-day blitz, a total of 79 seat belt infractions were issued, 36 speeding tickets, and 23 tickets for using a cell phone while driving.