Police Conduct Safety Enforcement Blitz (VIDEO)

Chatham-Kent police are targeting distracted drivers and those not wearing their seatbelts through a traffic safety enforcement blitz.

Officers on foot are stationed at busy intersections across the municipality peering into the windows of vehicles stopped a red lights.

“It’s not a new tactic, it’s one of the things we do periodically throughout the year. We get all our officers working in a specific area and what we get is a high visibility, a high concentration enforcement blitz and frankly we write a lot of tickets,” says Sergeant Mike Domony, who notes officers often get a lot of excuses for cell phone use. “Commonly it’s ‘it was just a moment’ or ‘I was stopped here at a light’ or sometimes people initially start out by saying ‘oh, I wasn’t doing that’ but it’s really quite obvious.”

Chatham-Kent police have issued over 125 tickets since Monday.