Ice Jams Possible In Thames

Thames River ice covered in Chatham ( file photo)

With milder temperatures and some significant rainfall in the forecast, officials at the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority are warning of possible flooding and ice jams.

“There’s still people who are doing ice fishing and things like that, but the ice conditions are going to degrade and become more dangerous as the temperature warms up and it rains,” says Water Management Supervisor Jason Wintermute. “The mouth at Lake St. Clair is currently iced in and the lake is still all iced in, which means it will be difficult for any of the ice that accumulates in the river to move out into the lake.”

Wintermute says the areas downstream of Chatham, like Lighthouse Cove, are expected to be affected the most by possible ice jam flooding.

Flooding and ice break-up in and along the Thames River is expected to take place by Thursday afternoon, depending on when the rain falls.