Kinesiology Students Lesson In Doping

A member of Canada’s International Olympic Committee is looking to get kinesiology students at the University of Windsor interested in doping research.

Former President of the World Anti-Doping Agency Dick Pound paid a visit to the university this past week. He says it’s important for students to learn about the history of doping in sport and work that’s being done to curb it today.

“You’re in a university with a bunch of very smart people interested in sport and kinesiology, and involved in research of their own. This is a field that lends itself particularly to research. We depend on both social and scientific research to know why people are doping, how they’re doping, and how to find out.”

Pound feels the Winter Games in Sochi were on par with other Olympics, as about half-a-dozen athletes tested positive for banned performance enhancing drugs. The Olympic committee member believes about one in every ten athletes competing on the world stage is doping, but the agency is only catching about one in every five users. Pound says there’s still lots of work to be done in closing that gap.