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Basketball hoop and ball. © Can Stock Photo Inc. / ssuaphoto

Scoreboard, Oct 10

The Miami Heat beat the L-A Lakers 111-108 in Game 5 to stay alive in the NBA Finals.

Baseball on a pitcher's mound. Photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo Inc./alptraum

Scoreboard, Oct 9

The Yankees beat the Tampa Bay Rays to force a winner-take-all game five tonight in that American League Division Series.

A baseball glove with a baseball. © Can Stock Photo Inc. / rmarmion

Scoreboard, Oct 8

Tampa Bay beat the Yankees 8-4 to move within one victory of reaching the A-L Championship Series.

Basketball net at the WFCU Centre ( file photo)

Scoreboard, Oct 7

The Lakers beat the Heat 102-96 Tuesday night to take a 3-1 series lead in the NBA Final.

Scoreboard, Oct 6

The Astros and the Yankees both won the first game in their ALDS series against Oakland and Tampa Bay.

Scoreboard, Oct 5

The Detroit Lions lost in NFL action Sunday to New Orleans and Miami beat the Lakers in Game 3 of the NBA Finals.