Midwestern Ontario News

Huron County Work Culture Changing

Huron County’s C-A-O predicts it will take a few years to accomplish a culture change between management and the 700 employees of the county.

North Perth Library Study

It looks like a third party consultant will help determine future library service levels in North Perth.

Lucknow Flood Prevention Projects Underway

The Maitland Valley Conservation Authority is working on several flood-prevention projects in the Lucknow area.

Watershed Resources engineer Stephen Jackson told Huron-Kinloss Township council last night that there has been flooding in Lucknow before, and there will be again.

Charges in S.Bruce Peninsula Crash

A Brampton man has been charged with Careless Driving following a two-vehicle collision at an intersection in South Bruce Peninsula Sunday morning.

Nuclear Waste Burial Reviewed in Brockton

An environmental group opposing a proposed deep geologic repository for used nuclear fuel is calling on residents of Brockton to be more engaged in the site selection process.