Midwestern Ontario News

Parents protest sex-ed curriculum in Victoria Park. April 14, 2015. Photo by Brooke Foster

Parents Protest New Sex-Ed Curriculum

Hundreds of Londoners gathered in Victoria Park on Tuesday to protest Ontario’s new sex-education curriculum . They held signs with phrases like “teach morals, not oral” and “science, not sex”. Under the changes, Grade 3 students will learn about same-sex relationships, kids in Grades 4 and up will learn more about the dangers of online […]

Wellington North Firefighters Get Better Insurance

Wellington North went behind closed doors Monday night to discuss paying for 24-hour life insurance coverage for volunteer firefighters in Arthur and Mount Forest. In the past, the firefighters have had their insurance paid by the municipality, but only while on duty. Council returned to the open session and approved paying for extended 24-hour coverage. […]

Heritage Building Debate Continues: Owen Sound

Owen Sound council has postponed a decision on the fate of a heritage building in the city. A Toronto-area developer has applied for a permit to tear down Branningham Grove, built in 1881. City Council’s Heritage Advisory Committee has recommended it be designated a ‘heritage building’ and save it from demolition. Before anything further happens, […]

Atwood and Monkton Libraries Get Residents’ Support

The future of the small library branches in Atwood and Monkton is unknown. A number of residents from the two communities made presentations to North Perth council last night, stressing the importance of the libraries. The 2015 budget cut some financial support to the two libraries, and council is still trying to determine whether or […]