A list of Canadian military procurements

OTTAWA – The Harper government has announced it’s spending $843 million to buy 1,500 military logistics trucks, which will begin arriving in 2017, 11 years after they were first promised. Here’s a look at some other major military procurements:

— New fighter jets: The Conservatives put the controversial purchase of 65 F-35 stealth fighters on hold in late 2012 and have announced the existing CF-18 fighters will be refurbished, allowing them to remain in service until 2025.

— Fixed-wing search and rescue planes: Paul Martin’s Liberal government first promised in 2004 to replace the aging C-115 Buffalo and C-130 Hercules with a single new platform of 15 planes. The program has faced multiple delays and a request for defence industry proposals went out last spring.

— Maritime helicopters: The previous Liberal government signed a contract with U.S. defence giant Sikorsky to deliver 28 CH-148 Cyclone helicopters by 2008. The program has faced delays and technical challenges, resulting in two contract extensions. The Harper government recently announced the five-decade-old CH-124 Sea Kings would begin retiring this year as the Cyclone is phased into operation.

— Drones: The air force’s plan to field remotely piloted drones, first proposed in 2007, is still under consideration.

— Battlefield helicopters: The Conservatives promised in 2006 to fast-track the purchase of C-147 Chinook battlefield helicopters. The process took eight years, but the air force and the army have their aircraft.

— Heavy-lift transport planes: The Conservatives promised to buy a fleet of C-17 Globemasters. They purchased four transports through a sole-source contract in 2007-08 and added an additional plane this year.

— Medium-lift transport planes: The air force has received 17 C-130J transports through a sole-source contract with U.S. defence giant Lockheed Martin, allowing it to retire its older model Hercules.

— Arctic Patrol Ships: A planned fleet of up to six light icebreakers is progressing with steel slated to be cut in September on the first ship, with an eye to having them operational in the 2018-19 time frame.

— Patrol Frigate Replacement: Still on the drawing board.

— Main Battle Tanks: The fleet of Leopard 2 tanks was replaced during the Afghan war.

— Light Armoured Vehicle Upgrades: The backbone of the army’s combat vehicle fleet is in the midst of a $1.02 billion upgrade with General Dynamics Land Systems in London. Ont.

— Close Combat Vehicles: A $2 billion program to provide the army with vehicles in between a tank and a LAV III was cancelled due to budget restraint in the fall of 2013.