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Quick Yield Boost With Cover Crops?

Cover crop researchers say most people who start using the cropping method do it for or long term improvements to soil or erosion control, but an immediate boost in production may also be a compelling factor.

A field of corn in Chatham-Kent (File photo by Simon Crouch)

On-Farm Test Plots Way To Go

It may seem obvious that hybrid selection is very important to top corn yields but a cropping specialist from Illinois says farmers sometimes don’t pay enough attention to it.

Good Economics And Environment Protection

First-year results from a strip till program designed to protect the environment have been so successful some of the participants are predicting it will solve some future concerns about phosphorus and other nutrients getting into lakes.

Consistency Key To Wheat Yield

The search for bin-busting wheat hasn’t gone away even as some farmers are unhappy with the economics of growing the crop.

Advice From Cover Crop Convert

Although crop scientists and soil fertility experts don’t have full numbers they believe there is an upsurge in the number of Ontario farmers turning to cover crops to protect against erosion and to build soil health.

Lethbridge area farmer John Kolk at the SouthWest Ag Conference in Ridgetown, January 4, 2017. (Photo by Simon Crouch)

Maintaining Agriculture’s Social Contract

Farmers may think they have been granted a right to farm by public opinion and support, but a Lethbridge Alberta farmer and commenter says that shouldn’t be taken for granted and must be renewed on a regular basis.