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Southgate Group Loses Appeal On Building Permit

An appeal of a controversial Southgate building permit will not be allowed. In 2012, a citizens’ group SPIRG, Southgate Public Interest Research Group, failed in a challenge to the building permit which allowed Lystec International to build a plant in Dundalk.  Among other things the plant converts human waste into agricultural fertilizer. SPIRG also lost […]

Confusion Over Wellington North Telephone Survey

Wellington North Councillor Andy Lennox wants to see confusion cleared up regarding a telephone survey in Mount Forest and Arthur. Lennox says he has heard from a number of residents concerned about a telephone survey purporting to be from Wellington North Power. Council heard the survey was legitimate and the public is being encouraged to participate.

Residents Concerned With Gravel Pit Proposed Near Mount Forest

Wellington North council got an earful from a 21 hectare gravel pit being proposed for land south of Mount Forest. Neighbours of the proposed pit expressed concern about noise, dust, loss of property value, dangerous truck traffic, and water contamination. The Wellington Federation of Agriculture is also opposed to the gravel pit. Federation Director Charles […]