Closing Markets for Tuesday, January 7th

On the Chicago Board of Trade:

Corn Futures:
March down a quarter at 3.84 and a half
May unchanged at 3.91 and a half

Soybean Futures:
January up 2 and a quarter at 9.35
March down a half at 9.44

Wheat Futures:
March up a quarter 5.50 and quarter
May down a half at 5.53 and a quarter


From Agris at Thamesville:

Old Crop Corn = 1.30 over March at 5.14/bu
New Crop Corn = 0.90 over December at 4.90/bu

Old Crop Soys = 2.20 over March at 11.64/bu
New Crop Soys = 2.15 over November at 11.88/bu

Old Crop Soft Red Wheat = 1.80 over March at 7.30/bu
New Crop Soft Red Wheat = 1.15 over July at 6.71/bu


From Hensall Coop:

2019 Corn =  down a quarter at 5.15/bu
2020 Corn = unchanged at 4.90/bu

2019 Soybeans =  down a half at 11.64bu
2020 Soybeans = down a half at 11.84/bu

2019 Soft Red Wheat = up a quarter at 7.25/bu
2020 Soft Red Wheat = down a half at 6.71/bu

2019 Soft White Wheat = up a quarter at 7.25/bu
2020 Soft White Wheat = down a half at 6.91/bu


Beef Farmers of Ontario


Ontario Pork Reports:

The U.S. CME price = $59.17  U.S. per hundredweight, dressed weight.
That’s down $0.05.

100% formula price = $138.47 per hundred kilograms, dressed weight.
That’s down $0.31.