FAB Award Nomination Form

CKNX Radio Farm Advisory Board
Industry Contribution Award

This form is for the nomination of individuals, groups or organisations for the CKNX Radio Farm Advisory Board Industry Contribution Award – the FAB Award.
This award is designed to recognize the long-term contributions of a Midwestern Ontario individual, group or organisation to agriculture and the rural community.
Recipients are usually individuals, groups or organisations which have contributed to the industry and their community over an extended period of time.
It’s in two parts – first, basic information about the nominee and the nominator, then more detailed information explaining why the nominee deserves this award.
When completed, please email this information to farm@cknxradio.com – or send it by Canada Post to CKNX Radio Farm Advisory Board FAB Award, c/o Ray Baynton, CKNX Radio, 215 Carling Terrace, Wingham, Ontario, N0G 2W0.


Information About The Nominee:

Name of the individual, group or organisation being nominated;

Postal address of nominee;

Home municipality of the nominee;

Information About The Nominator:
Nominated by;

Nominator’s postal address;

Nominator’s home municipality;

Nominator’s email address;

Nominator’s phone number;


The Nomination:
(Please note: Use as much space as required under each of the headings below to give the judges the information you feel they need to make an accurate decision.)

A) Overview of why you feel this individual, group or organisation should win this award;

B) Examples of the impact the nominee has had on agriculture and their community;

C) Ways the nominee has displayed ingenuity and entrepreneurship in agriculture and in their rural community;

D) How has the nominee been involved in the sharing of information and knowledge in agriculture and their rural community?