GFO: Agricorp deadline

The Agricorp reporting deadline is December 15th.

But what if you haven’t completed your harvest by then? Call Agricorp!

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With the late harvests we have experienced the last two years this question seems to keep reoccurring. If the December 15th reporting deadline rolls around and you still haven’t completed harvest the right approach is to contact Agricorp by the deadline and let them know how much you have harvested and how much is still in the field. Your coverage does not end at that date and you should continue to work with your adjuster to determine the best course of action for your crop.

Agricorp has this and additional important information on their website for producers who are still struggling to get crops off the field this fall.

Our latest GrainTALK podcast has been posted! In this episode, we chat with Dr. Elizabeth Skidmore, a registered psychologist who is also married to a grain farmer, about the stresses of farming and farmer mental health. We also get an update from Chair of Grain Farmers of Ontario, Markus Haerle. You can listen on Apple iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.