GFO: winter wheat performance trials

by Megan Wright

All of the winter wheat performance trials conducted by the Ontario Cereal Crops Committee (OCCC) in Southern and Eastern Ontario were severely affected by the prolonged wet weather during the fall, winter and spring.

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As a result of these unprecedented conditions, there is insufficient data for reliable results for most of the province.  Two trials in Area 5, Northern Ontario, are expected to produce reasonable data, but harvest is extremely delayed.  Given these circumstances, the Ontario Cereal Crops Committee will not be publishing a 2019 Winter Cereals Performance Trial Report.  A report for Area 5 will be released when the data become available.

Growers are urged to use information in the 2018 Winter Cereals Performance Report as their guide in evaluating varieties for selection this fall.

As a reminder, when considering planting options, it is always best to use multi- year data and select varieties that perform well in your area, across a number of sites and years.