GFO: What’s Growing On?

By Maegan Mackimmie

Grain Farmers of Ontario’s is offering FREE What‘s Growing On? seed kits, which are now available for the 2018-2019 school year! This free resource, provided by Grain Farmers of Ontario, was designed to help Ontario school children understand the role grains play in the lives of Ontarians.

Listen here:

It has been developed to complement the Grade 3 curriculum and offers cross-curricular opportunities in Science and Technology, Social Studies, Language, and Mathematics.

These sell out very fast, so encourage your child’s teach to order them now at:

Grain Farmers of Ontario also has Gr. 6-8 resources available online. Growing for the future is a resource developed to meet the Ontario Science and Technology curriculum for Gr. 6-8, cross curricular ties to Language.

Each of the six activities will encourage students to think critically about topics such as sustainability, Genetically Modified Organisms, and biodiversity. Students will explore information from a variety of sources and apply their knowledge through hands-on activities and engaging projects.

You can also find this resource at: