GFO: Meals And GrainTALK

by Maegan Mackimmie

Grain Farmers of Ontario is thanking farmers across the province for all the hard work they do.

Listen here:

With a challenging spring planting completed and wheat harvest underway, Steve McCabe, manager of member relations, is bringing a meal to farmers selected at random from our GrainTALK e-newsletter subscribers.

One of the farms he visited for lunch is that of Gary and Audrey Bodnar. They sharecrop their 80+ acres of land just north of the 401 in Essex County. They also dabble in growing grapes and they are in their fifth year of tending to their vineyard.

The Bodnars have been on the land for almost 25 years and had a great wheat harvest this year.

District 1 director Brendan Byrne was on hand as well and as Byrne’s family rents the land directly across the road from the Bodnars.

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