GFO Commentary: Good In Every Grain Outreach

By Maegan Mackimmie

The Growing Connections trailer was in Toronto this weekend for the Honda Indy at Exhibition Place.

Listen here:

In addition to the 53‘ trailer and a new ethanol education car, Grain Farmers of Ontario was represented by racetrack signage and video screens.

This event is part of the Good in Every Grain outreach campaign by Grain Farmers of Ontario. The campaign helps to tell the story of agriculture and grain farming to consumers across the

Grain Farmers of Ontario staff were on hand for all three days of the race, sharing stories about Ontario grain farms, discussing biofuels, and answering questions on hot topics like GMOs and pesticides. The particular event was selected to connect with consumers about ethanol production in the province. Staff discussed how the race cars run on E85 fuel, discussed misconception about ethanol production and helped answer any questions consumers had.

To see what other events Grain Farmers of Ontario will be at, visiting and select events.