GFO: Commodity Markets

By Maegan MacKimmie

Currently, we are seeing rallies in the commodity markets. Farmers are encouraged to check local prices and Grain Farmers of Ontario wheat prices. Market orders can also be taken at
Grain Farmers of Ontario for wheat.

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Grain Farmers of Ontario will market pooled wheat on farmer’s behalf to take advantage of potential upward trends in the post-harvest marketplace. The wheat pooling program is unique to Grain Farmers of Ontario within the province. No other grain organization in Ontario has a government guaranteed pooling program.

The marketing department also has a number of programs for all farmers. There are a variety of marketing resources tailored to individual needs. The marketing staff is excited to be a competitive option for wheat marketing and a market information leader in Ontario.

If you are looking for a way to keep up with price indications throughout the day you can download the Grain Farmers of Ontario SellSmart App from the App Store or Google Play.

SellSmart provides CBOT futures pricing, as well as proprietary cash basis prices for real grain elevators across the province.