GFO: Grain Discovery Zone

Spring is officially here, which marks the beginning of the public outreach season for Grain Farmers of Ontario. One part of this is the Grain Discovery Zone.

The Grain Discovery Zone is a trailer that travels to fairs and events throughout the province to educate consumers about Ontario grains. The trailer includes educational games, videos and a corn box with farm toys. The Grain Discovery Zone Ambassador will travel with the trailer and be on hand to answer questions.

This trailer is available upon request to attend fairs and events across the province. Grain Farmers of Ontario will try to accommodate as many requests as possible. To learn more about the Grain Discovery Zone and other educational displays, visit and click on Fair and Event offerings.

The Earlton Farm show kicks off the spring and summer fair season. Grain Farmers of Ontario will be at the Earlton Farm Show from April 13 – 14. Communications staff will attend with the Grain Discovery Zone to educate attendees about the organization and Ontario grains.

If you’re interested in having the trailer at your fair contact Brianne at