GFO: Ag Minister Commits To Balanced, Science-Based Neo-Nic Approach

Following the article published in the Globe and Mail earlier this week, Grain Farmers of Ontario has had good conversations with the Minister of Agriculture regarding the regulation and approach to neonics. Minister Leal has reconfirmed his commitment to a balanced, science-based approach, taking into account agri-food industry & pollinator needs, and has said he will be consulting with industry, farmers and environmental stakeholders on options that are practical for all involved.

The Ontario grain industry has committed extensive resources over the past two years to mitigate the risk to bees. Many of these initiatives have been launched and put into practice this growing season, including the use of the Fluency Agent and deflectors, and the results of ongoing research projects and in-field practices will be paramount in determining any future regulatory decisions.

Grain farmers have demonstrated their cooperation with government on this issue since 2012 and have had a positive working relationship with those involved in the bee health file. Grain Farmers of Ontario has always had a good working relationship with the Minister of Agriculture and we hope that this continues in the future.

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