Crouch: Recognizing Rural Roots

A Southwestern Ontario success story, and agricultural business is recognized as the Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce Industry of the month.

Listen here:

Congratulations to Devolder Farms. But congratulations to the Chatham-Kent Chamber as well.
It’s good to see the recognition of agriculture, something it has been work at with some success.
Devolder Farms started in 1988 as a small custom seed cleaning business, to serve the farms neighbours.
Fast-forward 26 years and it has 30-50 employees depending on season, it has a grain storage, drying and handling equipment business, an on-site pedigreed seed production facility , retail seed and fertilizer outlet, and a new precision agriculture division.
And they farm as well.
That’s all very well and good. They are good business people and so are many who run agricultural businesses.
Like many they also remember that roots are more than the part of the plant that grows below the ground and sends water and nutrients up to the leaves and grain.
Roots are where you come from and the Devolder family has always supported and kept ties to the local community.
They keep commitment to the community by working with groups such as 4-H, the Federation of Agriculture, the local Kinsmen club and the agricultural arm of the United Way, Bushels of Hope.
Like many agricultural businesses they give back a lot. They deserve the pat on the back, and recognizing there are many rural, agriculturally based success stories is important.
Those 30 to 50 employees are part of families in the community. The wages they earn go to support grocery stores, retail outlets of all kinds, and no doubt other groups, like sports teams and youth events.
Companies like this are what we need to maintain a strong and vibrant rural economy and a strong and vibrant rural society.
And it is nice to take a moment or two and reflect that.