Soil compaction demonstration in Rostock

(Photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / borojoint)

A demonstration in Rostock in Perth County will provide an opportunity to investigate soil compaction and crop production.

The demonstration is planned for Friday, August 5 in a harvested wheat field.

Sensors will be placed in the field at different depths in the soil and then information will be gathered to show how equipment affects the soil when driven on it.

Tim Meulensteen is with the Perth Soil Crop and Improvement Association and says the demonstration will provide a good visual.

“The awareness and the attention to the different forces that we put on the soil with the different configurations of tires and pressures, loading of the pieces, and the proper use of tires,” explained Meulentsteen.

The day will include the demonstration in the morning and a strategy panel in the afternoon.

There is a pork lunch sandwiched in between.

The $20 tickets are available through any Perth SCIA director or by emailing at