Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show goes live in September

Equipment displays at Canada's Outdoor Farm Show. (Image courtesy of Canada's Outdoor Farm Show)

Organizers of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show hope the event will be full of people again.

The show is scheduled to run September 13 through 15 and will be an in person event.

“We’re delighted to be back in person with a large show where farmers can connect with others, see new technology, get their hands on new products and equipment, and learn through action in the field,” said Doug Wagner, president of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show.

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show has been an event for over 25 years and through the pandemic, adapted with a series of digital events.

“We are looking forward to hosting the farm community in a celebration of ag,” added Wagner. “We are proud of how we’ve stayed in touch through our online events and smaller trade shows the last few years, but there’s nothing like the excitement of a large in-person event.”

In September, the show will return as a full-scale outdoor experience with field and livestock demonstrations, crop plot tours, product displays, and special live events.

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