Logo for proposed agriculture centre helps form identity

The chair for the group trying to bring an agriculture science centre to the Huron and Perth region says there have been a number of people wanting to get involved.

Jillian Lewis is the chair for the Huron Perth Agricultural Science Centre.

She says a number of people with a wide range of experience have applied to join the steering committee.

“We’ve had a lot of interest from people within our communities in Huron and Perth who applied to join our steering committee board for the Huron Perth Ag. Science Centre and we have a lot of people with some great experience and knowledge from all different areas, which is great,” said Lewis.

And there has been some progress in establishing an identity.

“We’ve finalized our logo, so now we have a bit of an identity, a bit of a brand to add to our web site and we’re going to use that for our brochures and information that we can share with the public about what the Huron Perth Ag. Science Centre is all about,” added Lewis.

While presentations have been made to both county councils in Huron and Perth, Lewis says they visit municipal councils in the future to explain what the Centre’s visions is.

And the capital fund-raising campaign is expected to start in 2022 with the goal to open the center by April of 2024.