Farmers monitor extreme conditions

Harvesting. ( photo by Bob Montgomery)

A guest speaker at a recent Huron County Water Protection Steering Committee meeting says local farmers were fortunate not to have to deal with some of the extremes that were seen elsewhere this summer.

Martin Vanderloo is the President of Huron Commodities.

He used the situations in the Prairies and in BC where conditions ranged from drought and flooding to forest fires and mudslides.

“Here in Ontario we were much more fortunate, in fact, I’m hearing, generally record yields of corn, soybeans and wheat, so that’s great. At the same time we’ve got some pretty impressive prices as well, so good for our growers, our farmers, here in Ontario,” said Vanderloo.

But he did point to some challenges, including a wet harvest season.

“Essentially, it started raining the first week of October and it just didn’t stop. My own soybean crop had snow on it twice and it eventually melted that we were able to get the soybeans off, but some pretty challenging harvest conditions this year, there’s no doubt about that.”