CFA hosts agriculture debate

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture hosted an Agriculture Leaders’ Debate on September 9th.

The full session can be viewed here.

Four candidates took part, including Marie-Claude Bibeau, the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food. NDP ag critic Alistair MacGregor, Conservative MP Dave Epp of Chatham-Kent-Leamington and BQ candidate Yves Perron.

Some of the main topics covered included economic growth, the environment and climate change, and infrastructure. There were also discussions about risk management programming, disaster relief, and supply management.

Each party representative touched on Policy Framework and Funding. While there was a consensus that various programs needed to be improved there were different strategies.

The NDP and Liberals focused on how Business Risk Management (BRM) programs needed to take into account new risks from climate change to build resiliency. The BQ noted that they had proposed that the government move forward with AgriStability improvements with the provinces that had agreed to them while allowing the other provinces to opt-out, creating a two-tiered AgriStability program.

But no party had a clear commitment to any incentives that farmers could take advantage of to adopt sustainable best practices when it came to climate solutions. Something the CFA says is needed.

When it came to infrastructure, Conservatives MP Dave Epp noted that there is still money that hasn’t been spent on rural broadband and it needed to be deployed as quickly as possible.