The Seaforth Fall Fair celebrates 175 years

One of the oldest fall fairs in Ontario gets underway later this month in Seaforth.

Seaforth Agriculture Society President, Warren Small, says the fair is 175 years old this year.

There was no fair last year but this year’s version will be a combination of live and virtual events.

“The exhibits aren’t going to be nearly as excessive. As of right now, people can enter them online, or they can bring them in for display and, hopefully, we’ll be open for people to go through, in limited numbers and see some of the exhibits,” said Small.

Small says they won’t have the big quilt display they usually do and there won’t be a midway.

But there will be a big role played by 4-H.

“We do, on the Saturday, have the 4-H coming in, 4-H has always been a big part of our fair. So, we have a dairy show, we have a swine show, we have a goat show and we have sheep show on Saturday, starting at 9:30,” added Small.

The Seaforth Fair runs from September 16th to the 19th.

Small says more information and a schedule of all of the events can be found on the event’s website.