GFO happy to see a bill pass in Ottawa

The Grain Farmers of Ontario is congratulating MP’s for passing Bill C-206: An Act to amend the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act.

It was introduced as a private members Bill in February 2020.

Having cleared Third Reading in the House of Commons the Bill now moves to the Senate where it must pass before the Senate rises, likely today.

The Bill exempts on-farm grain drying from the federal carbon pricing system.

Chair of the GFO, Brendan Byrne says the Bill is a good first step in securing Canadian food production.

Currently fuel used to dry grain is subjected to carbon pricing, despite the necessity of drying grain to make it usable for food and other products and there are no current alternatives.

Also on the docket for the Grain Farmers of Ontario, the annual Call for Research Letters of Intent, or LOI.

Investment in research is a long-term strategic initiative of the Grain Farmers of Ontario that targets opportunities that will enhance farmer-member profitability and sector competitiveness.

VP of Strategic Development for the GFO, Paul Hoekstra, says innovation in farming is vitally important to the sustainable growth of the grain industry. And Grain Farmers of Ontario sets priority research areas each year, through consultation with farmer-members, academia, and the industry.

The priorities this include; 4R nutrient stewardship practices for commercial fertilizer with other nutrient sources; integrated weed, disease and insect pest management strategies; and revolutionary grain drying technologies to improve grain drying efficiency.

Complete details regarding updated research priorities, the Call for LOI process, and the 2021 template for submissions can be found at