Talk about mental health cannot stop, according to facilitator

(File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo Inc. / PixelsAway)

A mental health facilitator says a number of factors are coming to the forefront after over nine months of living through the pandemic.

Adam Chomos is with Bridges Health, a national workplace resource that offers health and wellness strategies.

He says uncertainty, isolation and social disconnection can be stressful.

But at the same time there can be a focus on resiliency.

“It is also important for us to acknowledge just how potentially resilient we can be,” said Chomos. “Every single day that we’ve had to wake up and learn how to face a new challenge or solve a new problem or take on multiple roles at the same time has been an opportunity.”

One of the things Bridges Health does is connect with groups, such as the Grain Farmers of Ontario, to run webinars.

And one the main things Chomos says society has to keep doing is talking.

“We have to continue to start talking, we have to continue to keep talking,” added Chomos. “And I think we have come a tremendous way in creating some of the positive platforms and empowering people to come forward.”

For farmers, there are other issues to consider. Outside factors that they have no control over. That includes weather, pests, and even government policy.

“It’s not just kind of what they (farmers) do, but who they actually are,” said Chomos. “There’s that sense of added obligation that they bring every single day.”