Milk consumption increasing according DFO

People are drinking more milk during the pandemic.

That’s the findings of the Dairy Farmers of Ontario.

Vice-President Mark Hamel was a presenter at Dairy Day at Grey Bruce Farm Week and says milk sales are up.

“Children having cereal again. They don’t necessarily have the opportunity for dairy products in all schools but at home it really drove fluid consumption up as well as the other products. Cheese and of course butter too and a glass of milk with their sandwich at lunch,” says Hamel.

Hamel says the dairy industry is stable these days and they’re coping with increased competition from imports due to provisions in the Canada-US- Mexico traded agreement. He says they’ll hold the federal government to its promise of no more concessions.

“We do believe going forward that the government is committed not to allow any more concessions to our industry and our market in any future deals. We guess we’re holding them to that commitment,” added Hamel.

He adds it’s a big plus that dairy processors have not been hit by any closures due to COVID.