Huron-Bruce MP says farmers do not get credit for environmental work

Ben Lobb - Huron-Bruce Conservative MP (Bob Montgomery photo)

The MP for Huron and Bruce says there a number of outstanding issues in agriculture.

The Carbon Tax is just one of them.

While the federal government announced its climate action plan recently, Ben Lobb says there are also issues with processing and trade deficits.

“Processing capacity in Ontario, processing capacity in Canada. The number of facilities we have. Non-tariff trade barriers that we are experiencing in the European Union with the CETA trade deal,” said Lobb. “And they’ve spilled over into the Canada-UK trade deal to the point where we have a trade deficit in beef and pork with Europe and the United Kingdom. Which many at home in Huron and Bruce counties would think is impossible.”

Lobb sits on the trade committee which he says will be reviewing some of the trade deals in 2021.

As for the the government’s climate action plans, Lobb says it defies logic.

“So the point I made in Parliament was that if you are going to charge Canadian farmers a carbon tax, and in 2021 and beyond increase it, you have to recognize as well as a government the environmental benefits they provide,” explained Lobb. “They don’t give farmers any credit for any of the carbon that is sequestered per acre for corn, per acre for soybeans or per acre for a woodlot. So I think farm groups and politicians are going to start pushing back on the government because it is so unfair.”

The plan includes a increase in carbon pricing of an additional $15 per tonne per year beginning 2023, rising to $170 per tonne in 2030.