Cover crop planting grows in local watershed

Cover crops in Huron County, like this colourful multi-species cover crop, reduce erosion, lessen impacts on water, and protect and improve soil health. (Submitted photo)

This year a record of almost 4,000 acres of cover crops are being planted in the Ausable Bayfield watershed.

Ausable Bayfield Manager of Stewardship, Land and Education, Kate Monk, says success in planting cover crops depends a lot on when you can get the cover crop established and then the conditions that are there for the cover crops.

“You need to start planning at least a year ahead. So you’re thinking about what you’re planting, how you’re tilling and that sort of thing and then you get the right seeds and set up the planter and then really it’s the soil conditions that are important,” said Monk. “They’re going to not only protect the surface of the ground from the winter rains that we get and run-off, but helps to build the soil as well and make it better for next year’s crops.”

Monk says the Ausable Bayfield or Maitland Valley conservation authorities can provide some advice on what to plant and information on possible funding.