GFO supports provincial budget funding for RMP

Grain Farmers of Ontario likes the Ontario provincial government’s promise for $50 million in funding for the Risk Management Program (RMP) in the latest budget.

In a release, GFO chair Markus Haerle states the increased funding to the RMP will help farmers feel secure in the sustainability of their businesses as they deal with unforeseen market shocks and crises in the future.

The budget also included “amendments to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Act to enable the Ontario Risk Management Program to carry forward unused funds in good production years to offset losses in future years, in alignment with an insurance-like approach.”

Recently, Grain Farmers of Ontario joined with two other organizations representing grain producers, one in Quebec and the other the Atlantic Grains Council, to petition the government for AgriStability changes.

In late October, more than 45 agriculture groups from across Canada came together to ask the Treasury Board of Canada to approve any submissions that bring the program back to an 85 per cent trigger with no reference margin limit.