Celebrating agriculture in Ontario

Ontario Agriculture Minister, Ernie Hardeman. (Submitted photo)

The Ontario government is kicking off Ontario Agriculture Week by celebrating the farmers, processors, organizations and businesses that have made agri-food one of the most innovative sectors in the province with the 2020 Excellence in Agriculture Awards.

Ernie Hardeman, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs announced Burnbrae Farms, in Norwich, is a top recipient of this year’s Excellence in Agriculture Awards.

Burnbrae Farms is the largest solar-powered egg farm in Canada, operating off the grid. The sustainable energy solution in this farm consists of four barns that utilize high-efficiency motors, lighting and ventilation systems to ensure minimal power usage to run its equipment. It also shares its surplus power with the adjoining farm.

The other top award recipients include:
• Austin Bruch for developing a corn cross-breeding program to reduce crop failure while increasing the quality of corn produced and consumed.
• Transport Genie for creating an animal transport system that monitors micro-climate conditions of livestock from a farm to the next destination.
• Green Table Foods for manufacturing sustainable, quality, organic, locally sourced food to produce plant-based fermented foods.
• FoodShare Toronto for helping to increase people’s access to and consumption of produce grown by Black, Indigenous and people of colour (BIPOC) communities.