Great Lakes Grain field tour wraps up

© Can Stock Photo / chas53

Portions of Southern Ontario could see record corn and soybean yields this year, according to Great Lakes Grain.

G-L-G assessed 538 corn fields and 421 soybeans fields across Ontario over the last month, and found that Chatham-Kent could see record yields in both because of quote, “Plentiful rain and heat prevailing throughout the growing season”.

Nearby Lambton, Middlesex and Elgin counties had early planting and excellent growing conditions throughout the summer, though a drought period at the end of June may have done modest damage to crops in the region.

Meanwhile, Huron County is on track to see the best corn yield out of all the southwestern Ontario counties measured by Great Lakes Grain.

A release says soybeans will be the “most talked-about crop when looking back on the 2020 season because it makes its yield in the back half of the growing season”, with weather in late July and August supporting what could be a new provincial yield record.