64 projects in Perth and Wellington to get funding

Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece. (Submitted photo)

Farmers in Perth-Wellington will benefit from new funding to improve business operations and enhance product quality.

They will share in the $7.9 million pot announced by the province on Friday.

Locally, there are 64 projects in Perth and Wellington that will see investments of up to over $688,000.

MPP Randy Pettapiece is encouraged by the initiative, saying farms in Perth-Wellington are already among the very best in quality and innovation and the funding will further strengthen local agriculture.

Examples of projects supported through this programming include:
– Improving food safety systems on farms to meet or exceed international certification standards;
– Planting over-wintering cover crops to improve soil health and reduce soil erosion losses;
– Actions to help prevent pest damage at greenhouse operations;
– Developing a product that will open new sales markets for a farm business; and
– Upgrades to animal-handling equipment and improved biosecurity measures.

The funding is in addition to programming launched this year to help with the sector in meeting challenges related to the COVID-19 outbreak.