Great Lakes projects to get some provincial money

( file photo)

The Ontario government is investing $7.47 million to improve the health of the Great Lakes.

The funding will support projects that address environmental challenges such as increased levels of pollutants, excess nutrients and rising levels of invasive species.

Approximately $5.8 million is being provided to 65 Great Lakes projects run by communities, organizations, universities and Indigenous peoples across the province to address issues critical to the health of the Great Lakes.

Some of the projects include the implementation of contaminant reduction practices in key watersheds, such as Main Bayfield and Lambton Shores to improve nearshore water quality.

The province is also investing $1.67 million in the Great Lakes Local Action Fund for local projects led by community-based organizations, small businesses, municipalities, conservation authorities and Indigenous communities to protect and restore coastal, shoreline and nearshore areas of the Great Lakes and the rivers and streams that flow into them.