Lune Rise Farms in Teeswater growing

© Can Stock Photo / kirillvasilevcom

A Teeswater company is celebrating its cannabis cultivation license by Health Canada.

Lune Rise Farms is a commercial cannabis cultivation facility situated on 150 acres of prime agricultural land, co-owned Marty and Chris Johnston.

Lune Rise Farms was awarded their cannabis cultivation license on July 10 and has enabled the company to begin growing within their 4,000 sq. ft indoor facility, their two 3,000 sq. ft. greenhouses, and an initial 6-acre outdoor grow area.

The company expects to expand their outdoor grow operation to 70 acres in the coming years.

CEO and co-founder Marty Johnston says the company received incredible support from the local community since beginning the journey in 2017. He adds the production license represents their official entrance into the national cannabis market, allows the company to raise capital, accelerate investment, add jobs, and contribute to the local economy in a responsible way.

In a release, South Bruce Mayor Robert Buckle added his congratulations to Lune Rise Farms and the opportunities it creates for the community.