Improvements to technology at Parrish & Heimbecker terminal in Goderich

The P & H Terminal at the Goderich Harbour. (Submitted photo)

Parrish & Heimbecker has completed two significant infrastructure projects at its Goderich Terminal.

The first is a new vessel-loading spout that has industry-leading dust suppression technology. The new spout monitors and controls the flow of grain at the discharge end through computerized sensors.

From the deck, P&H operators are able to manage a concentrated cylinder of grain, placing it much closer to the bottom of the vessel and reducing unwanted dust emissions.

The second is a mooring dolphin, which will allow vessels of all configurations to be able to receive and discharge their cargo at the terminal, as well as maintain safe maneuvering within the inner harbour.

The entire site layout was reworked to handle larger class vessels and the dolphin provides security and stability for vessels at berth.

Extensive collaboration between P&H, Goderich Port Manager Corp (GPMC) and Goderich town staff took place on the design.

The P&H Goderich Terminal provides a vital link for area producers to access global grain markets, as well, the site acts as a marine hub for the movement of Western Canadian wheat to Ontario flour mills.

“We thank P&H for being so community minded, great corporate citizens of Goderich and for being part of the fabric that makes Goderich a special place; especially with the iconic elevators standing tall at the harbour’ edge,” says Mayor John Grace, Town of Goderich.

“These two significant investments will allow P&H to handle increasing volumes of Canadian grain while doing so in an environmentally responsible manner,” stated Matt Gardner, Director, Ontario Terminal Operations. “Reinvesting in our infrastructure at our Goderich Terminal further strengthens our commitment to the Goderich area and all producers in Ontario.”