Demo farm near Clinton producing information

The Huronview Demo Farm near Clinton. (Photo courtesy of Huron Soil and Crop Improvement Association)

Information being collected from a demo farm near Clinton is now being posted to a website for the public to take a look at.

It’s been a year since the project was put together by the Huron County Soil and Crop Improvement Association.

One of the partners of the Huronview demo farm is the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority and Health Watersheds Manager Mari Veliz (Mary VEL-eez) says they will continue to collect data and try to draw some conclusions.

“Just some basic information about the rain fall, the temperature, what’s happening with the soil and moisture, what’s happening in the tiles. And what happens when we get a couple of inches of rain in the summer versus what happens when we get that same amount of rain in the winter,” said Veliz. “Some of the questions we’re trying to ask at that site is, we’ve installed contour controlled drainage on a slope and we’re interested to see how well that field drains compared to a typical, systematic pattern tiled field.”

One of the main observations is see if soil will hold water for a longer period of time and if that translates into an improvement in nutrient loads.

The information is being posted at www.huronview.netHuron.